How To Sell Amazon Gift Card on eBay

Do you want to learn how to sell Amazon gift card on eBay? The good news is that anyone can sell Amazon gift cards on eBay. However, before doing so, be sure to understand and follow eBay’s set of guidelines and restrictions.

eBay restricts the number of gift cards that can be offered for sale at a given time. Secondly, eBay does not allow you to sell Amazon gift card for more than a certain amount of money.

Before you sell Amazon gift card on eBay, be sure to follow these guidelines. Gift cards related to travel agencies could be sold on EBay. You can also sell paper-based gift certificates on eBay.

It is also possible to list collectible gift cards provided they do not have a redemption value. Also, makes sure that you specify in your listing that the card does not have a dollar value. If your gift card relates to a store or company that is filing for bankruptcy then the card can only be listed as long as it can still be accepted as a type of payment.

Gift cards can only be listed provided their dollar value is not more than five hundred dollars. It is also necessary for you to have the physical card in your possession at the time of listing. It is also necessary for you to ship the card to the buyer within five days from date of purchase.

When listing your Amazon gift card, be sure to only offer one card at a time. This holds true even if you own or operate multiple eBay accounts.

eBay also does not allow you to list prepaid credit cards from companies like American Express and MasterCard as well as Discover and Visa.

sell amazon gift card with max ROI

The good news for anyone who wants to sell Amazon gift card on eBay is that you can sell your card for more than its face value. This is because the buyer may not have a credit card with which to buy the card directly and so is ready to offer you a price that is higher than the face value. Also, people who want to purchase an Amazon gift card anonymously may be ready to pay more. There are plenty of people who sell Amazon gift card on eBay with electronic as well as fast delivery.

In fact, eBay has many sellers who want to sell Amazon gift card with electronic delivery. The same holds true for those who want to sell Amazon gift card via email.