How To Sell Amazon GC

It's very actual question, especially near after the holiday hype 2018.

There are several ways to turn those unwanted gift cards (Amazon, etc.) to cash or any online e-money (Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill). You no longer have to worry and let your real or electronic  gift cards expire.

So if you don't want to re-gift them, let's choose the way:

1. Gift card for cash. If your prefer only rough bucks in your wallet the best way will be use Craiglist or other local ads board in your city to meet the person which trades his money to your card.

2. Sell unneeded gift cards for paypal or bitcoin. There are some sites which offer such service, more or less quickly with some conditions.

We'll make a short review of each actual websites where you can sell your Amazon gift card (and others) for percent of its value.

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  1. on ebay
  2. for paypal quickly and easy
  3. for bitcoin