How to WIN captcha on BINANCE and register

This guide shows you how to create and register on the Binance.com exchange. You can start buying, trading and selling cryptocurrencies from here.

How to create an account on Binance.

  1. In your web address bar type: https://www.binance.com/. Do not use a search engine to search any exchange.
  2. At the homepage  do not scroll at all but see right untill you see a red box, click on ‘Register’

  3. If you don't see the message from Binance Team like "... Registrations Pause ..

    Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, Binance will have to temporarily disable..."
    that's OK and we can go further.

  4.  Fill in your email address and password.

Here we can find another trap: Impossible to Register - captcha does not work!

binance stupid captcha
What to do:

If you see the stupid "Wow monster eats the image"... That's mean you should jump to step (Rigistration Pause). Just try later.

Another trick - use a little bit another urls:

And if you alreasy have your account.


binance link