Sell Amazon Gift Card

 You can sell your unused Amazon gift card or your slightly used Amazon gift card on giftcardgranny.com. Here is how to sell Amazon gift card on gift card granny.

Selling your Amazon gift card on giftcardgranny.com allows you to earn some much-needed extra money. At the same time, it also allows you to help someone who wants to save on the cost of his or her gift cards. Giftcardgranny.com works with a variety of gift card resellers who will first buy your card and then offer it for sale at a slightly higher price.

As soon as you list your Amazon gift card for sale on eBay, Gift Card Granny is able to find your listing. Once it finds your listing on eBay, it then lists that card on its website and offers it for sale to a buyer.

Therefore, to sell Amazon gift card on Gift Card Granny, you must first create an auction on eBay. This allows you to get your Amazon gift card listed on giftcardgranny.com without needing to go through any resellers.

At the time of creating your auction on eBay give your listing an attractive title. Be sure to mention “gift card” in the title and also input the name of the store and the dollar amount of the card. A nice short and sweet title works best for you when you try to sell Amazon gift card.

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Make sure that your listing is never more than 10 days old because Gift Card Granny only lists eBay auctions that are not more than 10 days old. Next, use the Buy It Now feature and offer a discount. So, if your card has a 50-dollar value then when you use the Buy It Now feature, you can offer the card for sale at a 10 percent discount. The Buy It Now feature ensures a quicker sale.

There are a few things that you should not do when you try to sell Amazon gift card on Gift Card Granny. Never provide the gift card account number. Never try to list more than one Amazon gift card at any one time, as that is not allowed. Last but not least, try to obtain a good seller rating as that is the best way to succeed in selling your Amazon gift card on giftcardgranny.com.