How To Sell Amazon Gift Card for PayPal

I tested several sites which offer sell your amazon store gift card for paypal and it seems found one the best!
This is sellmegiftcard.com
Looks very simple and easy (one landing page) and appeared that it works fast and easy too allowing turn amazon gift card into paypal.

Some other sites i tried had any limits but SellMeGiftCard not.

For example first i opened the

But they accept gift cards between $20.00 and $2000.00 and i had those time for testing only $10 gift card of Amazon store.
And also they stated that "we currently only accept physical cards that have not expired".

Then i tried to use the http://sellamazongift.com

But also was stopped at the beginning of selling my amazon card because of they accept such gift cards starting from 50 usd.  Although they accept e-card type where you only need to provide claim code of card and don't need to have and to mail them physical cardboard.

Another of their strong advantages is that they provide a choice of several payment methods:

But, again, I failed to use their service because of the limitation on the minimum cost of a card in 50 dollars.

And finally, our today's favorite and the winner is the site SellMeGiftCard.com

sell amazon store card for paypal

All you need to sell Amazon gift card for paypal it's fill the form on the main page.

"Name" - i used the just nickname.

"Gift card brand" - currently they work only with Amazon.

"When do you want to receive your money ?" - depending on how you rush to be paid you can sell gift card with receiving from 82% to 98% of its value.

I chose the fastest way - payment for PayPal within 2-3 hours. And received 8.2 USD for my $10 gift card.

Other lines "paypal email address" and it's confirmation.
And the basic attribute of your virtual amazon gift card - its claim code.

Based on my own expirience i highly recommend this site If you want to turn the balance of your Amazon gift card into Paypal.